Anders Lierud

Senior Art director

About me

Born 1975 and raised in Täby. Petrol head and healthy workout addict, with a passion for design.

Senior Art Director with many years of experience in helping companies grow. For many years I have been running advertising- and web agencies, lead and inspired creative teams, educated in design and developed brands through well-founded strategies and good design.

I am trained in both design and business communication and have great experience of creating attractive communication through both print and digital media.

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Anders Lierud

Källtorpsvägen 21, SE-183 71 Täby

+46 (0)73 904 66 06


Portfolio, Logos, Pnut
With passion for design


April 2017 - present
Mondido Payments AB, Fintech

Lead designer/Head of design with an overall responsibility to drive and develop design within the Mondido brand. The design responsibility includes developing design and UX/UI regarding payment windows and checkouts, onboarding and admin interfaces and web design. In addition create marketing- and sales materials, creating brand guidelines and enhancing the overall experience of the brand.

Jan 1998 - present
Trent AB - Own company, Advertising- and web agency

Senior Art director and overall responsible to ensure creative height and quality of what Trent deliver in print and digital media. I also manage the production of websites and printed matter - such as layout, create originals for print, frontend development and website- and web shop design.

In addition to creating strategies and deliver good design, I also manage projects and run customer communication, Swedish and international. As self employed, I have long experience of overall business responsibility, in the role of CEO and entrepreneur, such as budgets, salary management & negotiation, human resources, billing & accounting, sales, marketing, etc.

Examples of clients: ICA, Eniro, Caperio, CAG, Jochnick Foundation, Storskogen AB, Pierce / 24MX, Allergan, Mondido Payments, Intergalaxy Media Malta Ltd, Kosmonaut Events, Snowfire.

For examples, see PORTFOLIO and LOGOTYPER.

Aug 2013 - June 2015
Situs Media Group AB – Partner, Web Agency

Partner and Senior Art director. My main responsibility at Situs was to design and produce websites, logos, graphical manuals, printed matter, presentations and drive the projects forward with the help of the design- and web development team, where I was team leader.

As a partner, I had joined overall business responsibility. I also managed sales, projects, and personnel.

For examples, see PORTFOLIO and LOGOTYPER.

Sept 2000-Jan 2001
Luvit AB Publ *, e-Learning Company

Art director and Project Manager in the marketing group. Responsible for print- and UX/UI design. I developed brand strategies, as well as communicative and graphic profiles. Project manager for the work to strengthen the internal brand.

Jan 1999-Sept 2000
WebCat AB *, e-Learning Company

Art director and Project Manager. Responsible for printed matter and participated in marketing activities. Concept development, project management and brand manager for the network

April 1998-Jan 1999
Bonnier Icon Publishing *, Publisher

Designer and Production Manager. Responsible for the design and production of all book titles, as well as procurement of print, layout, photos, etc.

Aug 1997-April 1998
Bonnier DataMedia *, Publisher
Factor. Responsible for procurement of printing and design.

* Bonnier DataMedia was terminated and Bonnier Icon continued on with new leadership. Bonnier Icon, co-owned by Bonnierförlagen and Icon Medialab, was renamed WebCat AB. WebCat was then overtaken by Luvit AB Publ.


Team Treehouse

Further education in web design, HTML, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, etc.

Aug 2002-Jun 2004
IHM Business School, DIHM Business Communication

Degree Project: Lugna Gatan - From alienation to acceptance. "How can Lugna Gatan through communication strengthen its profile and expand their business?"

Aug 2000-Oct 2000
Bergh's School of Communications, Branding

How a strong brand can help achieve business goals. ”What tools and models can we use and implement in our work?”.

Aug 1998-Jun 1999
Beckmans School of Design, Advertising

Typography, Graphic Design, Advertising, Illustration and Photo.

Aug 1997-Jun 1998
Bergh's School of Communications, Advertising

Typography, Graphic Design, Advertising and Illustration.

Aug 1996-Jun 1997
Nyckelviksskolan, Crafts

Painting, illustration, sculpture, graphics and ceramics.

Aug 1991-Jun 1994
Åva Gymnasium, Technical programme 

Three-year education with a focus on building and construction.


Swedish, native language.

Fluent English in speech and writing.

Excellent computer knowledge, Macintosh and PC. Expert on the Office suite and the Adobe CS package such as Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator etc. Used to working with CMS systems like, for example, Wordpress and Snowfire, as well as social media.

Skilled in HTML and CSS.

Trained boxing trainer. Stockholm-Gotland's BF Boxing Trainer course step 1 & 2.

Board member Narva BK 2008 & 2009

Stockholm Marathon 2012, Stockholm Triathlon 2013, 2014 & 2015, Majorca Triathlon 2014 & 2015, Malmö Triathlon 2015, Österlen Half Marathon 2013, Stockholm SwimRun 2014, Vätternrundan 2016, Vansbrosimningen 2016, Lidingöloppet 2016. – Web shop hobby project - art and illustrations. Ongoing exhibition at Restaurang Delibruket Flatbread Water Tower in Sundbyberg.

Specialist and lecturer, Snowfire AB. Representative at LeWeb Paris 2014, the Starta eget fair 2012, 2013 and 2014 and the Eget företag fair 2012 and 2014.

Lecturer at the Starta Eget Fair 2015, "With passion for design". Design as a strategy. Structures, flows and surfaces when you create your website or e-commerce.

Jury member User Friendly Award 2016. "The award is a temperature gauge of how far we have come in the development of smart e-shops based on experience, craftsmanship and good design in Sweden 2016."

Acted mentor for young designers.